C3 Corvettes (1968 to 1976), especially the earlier models were built with mechanical gauges.

If you have a new project or the need to convert to electronic replacements, this new C3E kit will get you there. There’s no cutting or defacing your original lenses, or bezels. You can easily convert back to your stock gauges any time.

The 5 gauge kits include water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, *clock, and volt meter. The kit adapts to your existing center gauge bezel and will contain wiring harness, sending units, and installation instructions. Phantom center gauge kit as shown is $390.00.

Speedometer and Tachometer gauge kit is an easy conversion with wire harness and includes LED turn signals, brake, and high beam indicators. This kit (shown with Phantom gauges) as shown starts at $600.00 (speedometer and tachometer kit only)

If you have converted your ignition to electronic, this tachometer and speedometer setup can be easily installed. If you wish just send us your bezels, we can install everything for you (fees may apply).

For 1977 to 1982 Corvettes please inquire at (770) 464-9466.

*Clock may be substituted for an Oil temperature gauge

Complete Kits start at:


C3 – 5 Gauge Kit: water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, *clock, and volt meter

C3 – Speedometer and Tachometer
Gauge Kit