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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

All Corvettes built since 1982 and even earlier have had many upgrades and conversions from mechanical driven components to electronic. Distributors, headlight controls, and instrument gauges are a few of the many that may have been upgraded.

There are more driver and passenger comfort controls and information systems now available at the touch of a button, or automatically actuated by sensors. With every passing year more of these electrical and mechanical devices are failing and worse yet, there aren’t any replacements for them. Your Corvette can virtually become disabled due to some of these failed components.

VettAid now puts back not only your ability to drive; but, most of all, to have fun driving your late model Corvette again. We now offer new electronic modules and mechanical kits to replace some of these discontinued GM parts.

We are particularly proud to introduce our new LCD dash replacement. Take a look at the many gauge packages now ready for you to select from, or you can customize a kit to match your type of driving or performance.

VettAid also offers rebuild services for many of the inoperable modules and devices that GM no longer carries.

We are moving forward in developing new instrument panels, modules, and services for many of the GM discontinued parts.
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